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Ice Sculpture Stroll On-Site Signage
Artisan Market On-Site Signage
YMCA Ornament On-Site Signage
Half the History Meeting Flyer
Student Congress Flyer
Charity Week Schedule Flyer
Deals On-Site Signage
Dancing and Music on the Row On-Site Signage
Night Shift Brewing On-Site Signage
Standard Drink Portions Graphic
Women Profile Graphic
Women Silhouettes Graphic
Brain Diagram
Brain Diagram
Gingerbread People Graphic

Commissioned Graphics


Eco-Clo App Mockup
Eco-Clo App Mockup
Eco-Clo App Mockup
Eco-Clo App Mockup
Eco-Clo App Mockup
Eco-Clo App Mockup
Half the History Logo
Eco-Clo Logo
Eco-Clo Logo
Eco-Clo Logo



Half the History Graphic
Custom Big Mouth Drawing
Children's Story Whale Illustration
Children's Story Penguin and Squid Illustration
Story Book Illustration
Ancient Greek Graphic
BWM Artisan Market Instagram Post
Assembly Row October Newsletter
Conference Graphic
Conference Graphic
Sicilian Restaurant Vision Boards 1
Restaurant Vision Boards 2
DCR Movie Insta Story
Restaurant Vision Boards 3
Restaurant Vision Boards 5
Restaurant Vision Boards 6. png


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